The Spotify Web API is a RESTful API. With this interface, data can be retrieved from Spotify straight to your web browser or Terminal.


- Some knowledge of Python

- Python3 installed on a device

- Pip installed on a device

Steps to Take

1. Log in to Spotify’s…

Source: I downloaded a malware sample from The sample was downloaded onto a Windows 7 VM, with FireEye Labs Advanced Reverse Engineering (FLARE) VM installed on it. I performed a static analysis on the sample.

Information Gathering: To determine whether the sample needed to be decompressed or not, I…

This tutorial will focus on deploying a live site to AWS with a Docker Compose file.

Docker is software that runs web applications on what are called containers. Containers are more lightweight than virtual machines because they all run on one operating system kernel.

Docker Compose is a tool that…

This tutorial will focus on deploying a live site with Ansible. Ansible is another software tool that deploys infrastructure-as-code.

  1. Install the AWS command line interface.

If you’ve been following this tutorial series while using RHEL 7, then you know the drill.

My last tutorial focused on deploying with Terraform. This tutorial will be focused on deploying with Chef.
Like Terraform, Chef is software that involves infrastructure automation. We will deploying Wordpress again.

1. Download Chef server.

To get the latest version of Chef server, copy the link from the software’s website.

As I promised in my previous tutorial, I will do a tutorial series on how to deploy live websites in AWS without using the dashboard.

I’m starting off with a software program called Terraform. Terraform performs what is called “infrastructure as code”. …

This tutorial will focus on how to automate a local web server and Wordpress blog.

I was excited while figuring out how to do this because infrastructure automation is one of the things I’m passionate about IT.

In a future tutorial, I will show you how I automated live web…

Three days ago, I did a tutorial on how to automate a DNS server on a Linux machine. Today’s tutorial will be on automating a DHCP server.

This tutorial will not require as many configurations as the DNS server, so it should be easier.

It’ll only require knowledge of how…

When I set up a Red Hat virtual machine for the first time and got to the software installation part of the set-up, the automator in me wondered if there was a way to set up all of this software with my own scripts. Turns out, there is! :)


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